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No doubt our planet is no less than a piece of heaven but we feel more blessed when our country specifically depicts a true example of how blessed our planet is. Whether you are in a mood to spend time on a peaceful sea, explore challenging conditions of the desert or it is the mountains that are calling you, Pakistan is blessed with all the vacation destinations of your choice. But most of the tourists visit Pakistan for the sake of its magnificent Northern areas having the Himalayas and many other mountain ranges. These areas have famous places of Pakistan having large mountain peaks, magnificent valleys, and beautiful rivers and lakes to make it more aesthetic. The media of the west is just doing injustice by telling the world what Pakistan is. Still, Pakistan being a tourist attraction leaves remarkable imprints on the memories of tourists. Not only Pakistanis but foreign tourists adore Pakistan for its mind blowing beauty. Although there is a long list of Famous places in Pakistan, for your convenience, we are extracting several Best tourist places in Pakistan that you should never miss.

Hunza Valley:

Hunza is a point of attraction for tourists for many years. The beautiful meadows, valleys, and mountains of the Himalayas and Karakoram make it the ultimate vacation point. Precipitous valley arranged toward the north of the Hunza River in Gilgit Baltistan is known as Hunza valley. The incredibly famous Hunza valley is a paradise for tourists. Visitors love to witness the beautiful autumn and summer season of Hunza. Following are Pakistan tourist spot in Hunza:


Passu Cones

Rakaposhi Peak View

Eagle nest hotel

Attabad Lake

Altit and Baltit Fort

Swat Valley

Swat has special importance because of its rich culture and the oldest history of civilization. Swat is located in the hills of Hindukush mountain ranges in the KPK province of Pakistan. The historical background of the Swat valley is 2000 years old. Malam Jabba is the most aesthetic place in the zone of Swat. Located around 2650 meters above the sea, it is the topmost area of Malam Jabba and is almost a five hrs drive from the capital of the country. Swat is one of the Popular places in Pakistan in terms of tourism.

Kalam Valley

Kundol Lake

Malam Jabba


Mahodand Lake

 Saidu Sharif



Kalash Valley:

Somewhere down in the mountains along the Pakistan-Afghanistan fringe, the distant Kalash Valley is home to Kalasha individuals. In some cases called Kalasha Valley, which comprises of three separate valleys, Kalash valley gives an astonishing experience with the mesmerizing Hindukush mountain ranges and with the ethnic minority network of Kalash. In Kailash, one has a very good opportunity to explore a completely different community and their way of living. There, you will get to enjoy kalashi music and Kalash cuisines. Tourists love hearing the folk stories from the local Kalash people. Kailash is a very nice place for a picnic in summers and winters.

  1. Birir Valley

It is among the very less developed valley of the area and you would see a few visitors there. It is because there are the least facilities available there. This place is full of peace without any crowd, unlike other tourist points.

  1. Bumburet Valley

This valley is developed to much extent and tourists can easily find maximum facilities there. It is generally famous among Pakistani travelers only.

  1. Rumbur Valley

Small towns in Rumboor are not so much grown but still more well-known among overseas visitors. You can visit our blog “Best places to visit in Pakistan” to explore more such places.

Margala Hills:

Margala Hills are a series of hills that are also considered to be the base hills of the Himalayan range. The Margalla Hills National Park is located in Islamabad and was given the status of a park in 1980. It is called so because of its location on the Margala Hills. Rawal Lake and Shakarparian are also present there. These hills are around 1000 meters in altitude. These hills are one of Pakistan’s beautiful places.

The National Park is the most visited in the area because of its nearness to the public capital, Islamabad. There are a few climbing trails, with the most well-known being Trail 3 and trail 5.

Khunjerab Border:

In the northern area of Pakistan Khunjerab is a very heightened mountain border that joins Pakistan with China. People visiting khunjerb pass are mainly the tourist who has come to visit Hunza valley. The Pak-China border name is given in the Wakhi language. Khunjerab National Park is 3rd largest national park in Pakistan. The park is located at an altitude of more than 4000 meters. Khunjerab Pass location is in the Karakoram Mountains range on the northern fringe of Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan Hunza-Nagar District. On the Chinese side, the area is named Xinjiang. The opening and closing of the area of the border depend on the weather conditions. However, for many years, the khunjerab pass remains closed mostly from November till the end of March. It is because of the heavy snow that covers the border. Sost is a tiny town found 90km from the border. It is a best place to visit in Pakistan because there you will be able to see the world’s highest atm. July is the best season for visitors to visit Khunjerab Pass. The climate of Khunjerab Pass is excessively cold.

Pakistan Tourist guide for the trip:

Pakistan has 4 seasons in a year. You can visit it at any time according to your wish whether you want to enjoy winter, summer spring or autumn. But if we talk specifically about these areas then, the best time to visit Gilgit Baltistan is summer and autumn. In the winter season, it becomes inaccessible due to heavy snowfall and severe weather conditions. While in the case of KPK you can either visit it in summer or in winter to enjoy snowfall and cold weather. However, In summer, this province is a bit more crowded as compared to winters. If you are planning to visit Kalash valley then it Is advisable to visit it during the festive season when you can enjoy the colorful cultural festivals of the valley.

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