The beautiful waadi e Hunza is located in the north west region of Pakistan i.e in Gilgit Baltistan. If we look at the history of the valley then we would know that it was formed because of ice activity during the last ice age. The movement of the icy mass additionally cut out the tremendous valley between the nearby mountains. In 2010, a natural disaster became the reason of formation of attabad lake of Hunza Valley.  It was a princely state joining the borders with a region of China. Mirs used to rule in Hunza, Altit and Baltit forts were built by them. In 2010, a natural disaster became the reason of formation of attabad lake of Hunza Valley. This valley is a major tourist attraction area from many years but the trend is getting more hype from recent 5 years. Whether it’s the foreigners or the Pakistanis from different areas of country, everyone loves spending their vacations in this aesthetically beautiful place therefore it is one of the top places to visit in Pakistan. Hunza remains crowded with tourists from April to October while the rest of the year heavy snowfall makes it inaccessible for tourists. Hunza is famous for owning 8 of the beautiful peaks and their height of about 6000 meters from sea level. In the trip to Hunza, visitors not only enjoy the beautiful sceneries but also the rich culture of the valley. Following are among top places to visit in Pakistan:

  • Hunza
  • Sawat
  • Naran Kaghan
  • Kailash Valley
  • Khunjerab Pass

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Hunza Valley Culture:

Hunza Valley is rich in culture and is known for the festivals that are held annualy. These festivals are related to religion as well as tradition. In these festivals people from all over Hunza exhibit their hand made things. Cultural dance and music is also an important part of the culture. Eid and other religious festivals are also being celebrated throughout the valley. Hunza valley festivals list is given below:

  • Folk Festival Karimabad
  • Thomoshaal
  • Silk Route festival
  • Giani Festival
  • Noroz Festival
  • Harvest festival
  • Baba Ghundi
  • Shimshal Kuch festival
  • Spring Blossom Festival

Hunza hotel facilities:

Being the top tourist attraction, Hunza has a lot of guest houses hotels and resorts with all the facilities. These hotels are located in areas having beautiful views of the valley. One can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the valley while having his meal or tea. Waking up to those aesthetic views would definitely make the guest feel in heaven. So these best hotels make sure they satisfy their guests. However due to the marvelous views and increased demand, the rates of these hotels are a bit high as compared to hotels in other northern areas. The famous eagle nest hotel charge around 10k for one night stay. The rates depend on the facilities, you can find a few reasonable hotels also.

 Following are a list of hotels in Hunza valley.

  1. Luxus grand hotel hunza
  2. Eagle nest hotel hunza
  3. Darbar hotelhunza
  4. Serena hotel hunza
  5. Ptdc hotel hunza
  6. Hunza embassy hotel

People and Language:

The locals of Hunza valley are very kind and Friendly. Welcoming the guests whole heartedly is their daily routine and are not even tired of it. Shina ,Burushaski  and Wakhi language speakers are found in the valley. Most of the people of waadi e hunza belong to islam and are of shia sect. They are the followers of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV.

Education and lifestyle:

Hunza is among the areas having high literacy rates as compared to similar northern areas. People are keenly interested in gaining education and making their children literate. While in case of lifestyle, people of all ages and gender are living a healthy life. Their lifestyle is the reason that they are considered as the longest living people in the world. Most of the old people cross the age of 100 and are still healthy and fit. Their healthy diet and active lifestyle is the key to their fitness. Organic and natural food including fresh fruits, vegetables and meat are a part of their daily diet. They are active and strong. Despite the old age people can still carry out daily routine tasks easily without any health issue. The pretty women of the valley wear a beautiful qameez with a shalwar and traditional hand embroided cap to cover their heads.

Traditional cuisine:

People of the valley not only enjoy good health but also delicious food that is a complete satisfaction to one’s taste buds. Hunza is famous for its delicious cakes. Apricot cake of the Glacier breeze restaurant and café de Hunza’s famous walnut cake are a must try. Chapshuru is also a street food of hunza. Basically it is a bread in which cooked masala minced meat known as qeema is filled and served. Harisa , shopan, go-lee and mamtu are also originated from Hunza. These traditional cuisines are now being cooked throughout the world for their delicious taste. As People of hunza moved to other cities and countries, they took with themselves the unique recipies of hunza cuisines that are not only good in taste but also full of nutrients. No doubt that people from all over the globe are impressed from their health.

Hunza valley travel guide:

When you are in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, you have two choices to reach Hunza valley. The first is to take a flight to Gilgit air-port and afterward make a short 2-3 hour drive to Hunza valley. The subsequent choice is to take a 24-hour transport from Islamabad, seeing the magnificence of Karakoram, Skardu, and Kaghan valley on your way. This option is yet tiring but still adventurous because in this way you will be able to visit different places during traveling. About 50% of people visit Hunza on their own i.e without hiring a tourist company. While the other 50% prefer to go with proper tourism companies. For further details read our article on Hunza valley.

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