Whenever we hear about swat, the word Switzerland comes to mind as it is called the Switzerland of Pakistan. Swat has been the tourist attraction of Pakistan for so long. Whoever visits the region, it leaves permanent imprints on the mind of the visitors. Swat has special importance because of its rich culture and the oldest history of civilization. Swat is located in the hills of Hindukush mountain ranges in the KPK province of Pakistan. The historical background of the Swat valley is 2000 years old. The valley was a quiet zone for living until the eleventh century. It was first vanquished by Mahmud of Ghazni. The custom of securing the grounds proceeded and Swat valley was then taken over by the Yusufzais.

In the time-frame of the nineteenth century, swat valley was under Akhund Sahib who had faith in the Muslim law. As of now, the economy of Swat valley thrived because of agriculture and it got one of the important trading territories. The magnificent landscapes are a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. Sawat valley is additionally renowned on the planet as the “holy place where there is Buddhist learning.” It was one of the significant places of the Buddhist journey. Give a read to our blog on the best places to visit in Pakistan if you want to discover some more tourist areas that are present in Pakistan.

Top 10 tourist points in swat valley:

You can visit swat from March till October. Swat valley is 2900 meters in altitude. The most attention seeking mountain in Swat Valley is Falak Sar Peak of Hindukush Range which is famous for its height that is around 5918 meters. However, all the areas of swat are equally beautiful but below is the list of top tourist points in swat:

1) Kalam Valley

2) Kundol Lake

3) Malam Jabba

4) Fizaghat

5) Mahodand Lake

6) Saidu Sharif

7) Marghazar

8) Bahrain

9) Madyan

10) Kumrat Valley

Kalam Valley

Along with the upper swat is an excellent valley, known as wadi e Kalam. It is around six hours drive from Islamabad and about 2000 meters in altitude.

 Vacation destinations at kalam: A spot known for its lakes, cascades, and greenery. It is one of the most famous objections to sightseers. There are fertile highlands in Kalam that make this place more attractive. The tributaries like Ushu and Utrot are also there which later on join together in the Swat river.

In the kalam valley tour, the tourists can reach Mardan interchange via motorway. It takes two hrs to reach Saidu Shareef. From here onwards, the public vehicle is accessible and local good quality buses. Daewoo bus service is working between all these areas. You can read our detailed article on Kalam Valley.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is the most aesthetic place in the zone of Swat. Located around 2650 meters above from the sea, it is the top most area of Malam Jabba and is almost a five hrs drive from the capital of country.

Vacation destinations: It had a ski slant of about 800m. Different vehicles and jeeps are being used to make a trip to another close by places.

Roller and ice-skating arenas, chairlifts, skiing stages, snow clearing hardware are accessible. These are one of the top vacation spots of the territory.  Trip to Malam Jabba remains in the memories of tourists for a lifetime.

Two stations at Malam Jabba give the accessibility of chair lift for travelers and couples. This chair lift can raise around 56 travelers all at once to the tallness of 10500 feet. Inside the Malam Jabba resort, indoor games and other ice games are accessible. In winters, six to eight feet of snow falls around the area. To discover more about this heavenly place, read our article ‘’Malam Jabba’’.

Kumrat Valley:

Waadi Kumrat has become the new tourist attraction for a previous couple of years with fables of its dense pines, tall dark mountains, waterfalls, and raging rivers. Kumrat Valley is situated in the Upper Dir locale of KPK. The closest town to the valley is Thall. During a trip to kumrat, one has to reach thall. Thall is around 45 km from Kumrat Valley and is utilized as the starting point for outings to Kumrat Valley. However, due to the government, the area is now peaceful and the native process generated through tourism is fast taking care of a variety of the misconceptions surrounding the area. Kumrat is now welcoming tourists with open arms then last summer. There are tent camps in Kumrat. Here is a list of top hotels in kumrat:

  • Kumrat Continental Hotel
  • Hotel Green Hills Thall Kumrat
  • Sky Hill’s Hotel & Restaurant
  • Friends Hotel & Restaurant
  • Granite hotel, kumrat

Discover more about kumrat by our article on ‘’kumrat valley’’, Swat

Mahodand Lake


Visiting Lake Mahodand in the season of spring or July is best since that is when ice sheets have been liquefied. Impermanent cafés and lodgings have been built by local people, which give basic offices of food and convenience. One can enjoy boating in mahodand jheel. Permission for fishing can be acquired from the PTDC resort in Kalam. Mahodand lake Hotel facilities are also available near the beautiful lake like:

  • Aljazeera hotel
  • Ushu Hotel
  • Kalam Hotels

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You can visit swat whenever you want to but from the month of March till the month of September you can enjoy the pleasant weather whereas if you want to enjoy snowfall and activities like skiing etc then you can visit it in the winter season. You can get to swat essentially through road or via air. Swat Motorway is the simplest choice when going by road. Swat Motorway interfaces the Valley to Islamabad and Peshawar City. These days having the opportunity to spend you vacations in swat is simpler than at any other time so do visit it for a beautiful experience

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